Safest Way to Remove Tracker From Car | 4 Easy Steps

Remove Tracker From Car

Are you feeling like someone is keeping an eye on you? Worried about that sneaky tracker hiding in your car, invading your privacy? Or are you just trying to remove tracker from car for some technical issue?

Fear not, fearless readers! In this article, we are going to reveal the secrets to remove your personal tracker from any car, all while doing it in the safest way possible. So, get ready to embrace us on a technical journey, where you will learn a lot. Without wasting any time, let’s get started:

5 Way to Remove Tracker From Car

1. Locate the Tracker

First things first, you must identify the location of the tracker. However, prior to proceeding, it is crucial to be aware of the two conditions associated with this step.

First Way:

a) You are suspicious that someone stuck a tracker on your vehicle without your intention 

b) You are trying to remove the Tracker because of some technical issue or install it in a new car.

Second Way:

a) You should try to find it. Often hidden in inconspicuous spots, such as beneath the dashboard, or tucked away behind panels, these electronic spies are cunningly disguised. Relax! Just check for a tracker in your car by channeling your inner detective and scouring the vehicle for any unusual wires or suspicious devices. The game is afoot!

b) You will still need to find it somewhere under your car’s steering wheel in the OBD II port or look for a battery and antenna sticking out somewhere near the dashboard.

2. Get Yourself Equipped

Now that we have found our little devil. We need to equip your toolbox with liberation. To free your car from the clutches of tracking technology, you’ll need a few essential tools. So, Arm yourself with a trusty set of screwdrivers, wire cutters, and a keen eye for detail. Remember, precision and finesse are your allies in this covert operation. With my flair, approach your mission like a secret agent on a thrilling adventure!

3. Disarming the Surveillance Mechanism

In order to disarm the tracker, locate the power source and carefully disconnect it to deactivate the device. Patience is key here, dear reader, as some trackers may have multiple connections. Employ your wire cutters with surgical precision, severing the ties that bind you to unwanted surveillance.

4. Concealing Your Tracks

As you liberate your vehicle, it’s crucial to cover your tracks and leave no trace of your heroic feat. Restore any panels or dashboard components to their original positions, ensuring everything appears undisturbed. A keen attention to detail paves the way for extraordinary results., transforming your car into a stealthy den of freedom.

5. Seeking Professional Assistance

While we advocate for your empowerment, we must acknowledge that some trackers are more tenacious than others. If your mechanical expertise is less than James Bond’s, it may be advised to seek professional assistance. Specialists in counter-surveillance and vehicle security can easily check for tracker cars and remove the tracker professionally, leaving you worry-free.


Congratulations, valiant reader! You have successfully liberated your car from the prying eyes of trackers. Remember, removing a tracker is a delicate operation, and discretion is paramount. Should you encounter difficulties, professional help is always at your disposal. Embrace your newfound freedom and drive with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you’ve outwitted the surveillance state!

Removing trackers without proper authorization may be illegal. Always consult local laws and regulations before engaging in any activities related to tampering with electronic devices


To bring the car back to its original state, you need to disconnect the antennas that are attached to the receiver and remove the GPS antenna.

Firstly, you remove the connection of the antenna with the receiver. Secondly, disconnect the GPS antenna and bring the car back to its optimal condition.