Driver Behavior Monitoring System

Our driver behavior monitoring system helps you to observe the driver’s active status, speed & braking control, and presence of mind during the journey with 24/7 live updates.

Driver Behavior Monitoring Features

Driver Behavior Monitoring is a feature in our GPS Vehicle tracking system that keeps you updated about the driver’s way of driving, including driving hours report, speed chart, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and harsh cornering through SMS and App Alerts. You can monitor rental cars or fleets from anywhere by monitoring driver behavior using our web-based software and state-of-the-art mobile apps.

With MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED GPS Tracking, you can get timely alerts about careless driving and violations of traffic rules with 24/7 notification and call center support. Being an owner of the vehicle, you get comprehensive reports on the driver’s techniques, harsh speed acceleration, irrelevant routes & staying positions, and less attentive performance.

Harsh driving monitoring is a process that ensures both driver & vehicle safety by allowing you to take timely notice before any tragic incident happens. Get a GPS tracking system at a very affordable price and hand over your cars or vehicles with complete peace of mind.

Over Speed Alerts

You receive quick alerts when a driver increases abrupt speed or drives against the daily traveling routine. You may ask for the
reason and advise the driver to follow the instructions.

Accident Alerts

Get alerts when the vehicle is suddenly struck by any hard object and stay in touch with drivers’ safety. System also notifies the relevant knowledge about the crash to take further action.

Harsh Braking

Receive alert messages on brake violations by the drivers, such as sudden brakes apply, parking the vehicle at non-stops, drifting on the road corners, and constant brake use.

Driver Surveillance

With driver surveillance, you can monitor the vehicle’s interior cabin with the help of vigilance cameras. These smart cameras present a complete view of driver presence and other ongoing actions.

iButton & RFID Card  

iButton helps you to identify authorized drivers by recording the data through ID number storage. RFID card helps you to get data identification of authorized assets through microchip processing and frequency matching.

Driver Assessment

Daily-based reports enable you to monitor the driver’s performance with progress analysis through the mobile app or software system. You can communicate with drivers to reduce the overall cost with improved output results.


An activity-checking system used to monitor the drivers’ performance with online access is known as driver behavior monitoring. You don’t need to ask for the details personally; GPS devices record the details for driver behavior analysis.

Yes, you can control driver behavior monitoring through GPS devices. You can track the online driver’s behavior and instruct them further for appropriate action.

Yes, you can automatically receive daily or weekly reports based on your requirements about driver behavior by email.