car tracker price in pakistan

Car Tracker Price

At the very affordable best car tracker prices in Pakistan, MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED offers the best solution to ensure your car safety at a reasonable cost that won’t break the bank. A vehicle tracker is the best safety solution to minimize the risk of car theft or car snatching with the help of a state-of-the-art GPS device installed for 24/7 live tracking at an affordable price. MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED cares about your car security and GPS location monitoring as a top priority by giving you advanced GPS and live view tracking.

Your car will update you on everything happening, such as ignition on/off, overspeed, fuel needs, battery power, route, and car history report on your PC/Laptop or mobile app, you’ll have all the data at your fingertips.

Safe & Smart Car Security System is your ultimate choice. The leading MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED Company provides all service features with tracker installation, including 24/7 call center service, technical help, device guarantee, App notifications, and SMS alerts.

Buy the one-time car tracker package and get relief for one year of free service.

Why Choose Us?

Choose MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED as your preferred car tracking solution for an unparalleled combination of technology and comprehensive features. Join us to experience live tracking, high accuracy, and in-depth trip analysis. Take the next step in securing your vehicle— for innovation, reliability, and peace of mind.

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Features Of Car Tracker

  • Live View Tracking 24/7.
  • Trips & Routes History.
  • Stops / Parked Time History.
  • Driving Detail Report.
  • Over-speed Alerts.
  • Ignition On/Off Alerts and SMS.
  • Device Tamper Alert.
  • Battery Power Cutoff Alert.
  • Geo-fence for Specific Areas Tracking.
  • Car Travel History Records.
  • Alerts & Events History.
  • Enable Engine Jam to Block Car Movement.
  • Battery Power Cutoff or Tamper Alerts.
  • Total Distance Kilometers Traveled.
  • Web Portal Login.
  • Android + iOS Mobile Apps.
  • App + SMS Alerts Service.

Affordable Security

Experience top-notch car safety without breaking the bank. MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED offers unbeatable car tracker prices in Pakistan. Safeguard your vehicle with 24/7 live tracking using our cutting-edge GPS devices. We prioritize your car’s security, providing advanced GPS and live-view tracking at a cost that’s friendly to your budget. Your car becomes more than just a possession; it transforms into a vigilant guardian, updating you on every vital detail, from ignition status to overspeeding, fuel consumption, and more.

Our car trackers come with a simple setup process, ensuring that you experience maximum protection without any complexities. With affordable pricing and free installation, you can transform your car into a secure haven effortlessly. Stay in control with our intuitive interface, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle is guarded 24/7. Experience the perfect blend of affordability, simplicity, and security with us.


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Car trackers in Pakistan usually start from 14,000 to 100,000 based on custom add-on features required by the customer. The package includes a subscription fee, technician charges, and free service for 1 year.

Generally, you have to pay a car tracking fee annually. You have to pay cut-price renewal charges after a year.

Mux Tech offers the best car trackers in Pakistan based on Chinese and European standards. The company delivers top-notch GPS devices with durable structures and vehicle compatibility modes.

I may look for a car tracker with long-lasting performance, temperature bearings, and an environmentally friendly structure. The tracker should keep working with a low power supply and internet speed.