Personal Tracker

With our personal tracker device in Pakistan, you can easily monitor the location of your family members or employees. Stay informed and stay connected with us.

Our Personal GPS Tracking System

A personal tracker is a small GPS device that enables you to monitor the location of kids, pets, abnormal persons, family members, and any portable assets with 24/7 live tracking. Are you caring about your loved ones for their complete traceable accessibility? Keep insights on your kids and families from anywhere with the live personal tracking app or portal. 

We care for you and your families anywhere in Pakistan by providing portable Personal GPS tracking devices in movable attachments, such as bags or hangings for covering the near hood positions. Older persons require extensive care, so let them be supported and assisted. You can monitor health factors, such as body temperature, heartbeat, and the movement of aged persons with a GPS sensor device.

MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED software development team brings the best public welfare technology system by evaluating the public interests. We believe in humanity and develop its services to benefit people on priority. Our trackers empower human resources and ensure complete safety, such as employees’ monitoring and persons working in high-risk areas. Family belongings can monitor the location of their loved ones when they move away. 

If you want to get the personal GPS tracking software features of your choice, let us know your requirements. We provide customized features. Our system produces alerts when the device moves outside the recommended geo-fence that inform parents timely. The device uses a powerful built-in battery to keep working for a specific time without charging. It is easy to install or attach the device to bags, bicycles, wheelchairs, clothes, jackets, carriages, or any movable object.


  • Find children tracking for checking the kid’s activity like school in or out alerts to get real-time updates on educational interests and participation.
  • Monitor your older senior persons and their movement carefully and check their needs and other requirements from the office or at your working stations.
  • Get safety sensor alerts to view the movement of a person and check their within a pre-specified geo-fenced area to ensure a safe range.
  • Press the panic button in any emergency and inform your family about unusual conditions to take quick & timely action.
  • Care for your pet animals and track their position timely with complete tracing, including their daily behavior reports, movement in the home or farmhouse, and body temperature checking.
  • View the accurate position 24/7 from anywhere or anytime with powerful GPS & GSM connectivity support.
  • Get GPS trackers for caring for special children, including their needs and safe movement, home-based alerts, illness reports, meal needs, and others with bell alerts.
  • Provide personal trackers for bike riders and rescue guards to track their on-road safety alerts and requirements.
  • Mountaineers can keep GPS while going on climbing campaigns and long-distance camping.
  • Best GPS security system for laborers working in sensitive areas, such as labor mines, tall buildings, underground working, heavy electric poles, chemical factories, mechanical industries, or any other sector with expected hazards.
  • Employee tracking provides working onsite presence and other on-duty reports for actively deploying your managerial role and supply chain management solutions.
  • Monitor the movement of security personnel and get safety alerts in sensitive operations, such as deep forest areas, hidden places of illegally armed militia, and clearance operations.
  • Check rental driver behavior while driving, such as active status and responsive behavior during driving and long-distance journeys.
  • Track babies through smart GPS bracelets in hospitals or homes and listen to whatever they are crying or sleeping about.
  • Get updates through SMS and App notifications and receive calls from the call center to stay updated on your requirements and respond accordingly.

We at MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED provide a user-friendly personal live tracker that is both technologically advanced and accessible. Our dedication to providing you with peace of mind with every click, and a trusted partner in tracking, is matched only by our commitment to protecting your loved ones and valuable assets.


Yes, the GPS tracker works without the Internet or disconnection through radio frequency and monitors the location. But app-based access and software updates require an internet connection for updates.

Yes, it is possible, but it is a not recommended practice that could be a risk to the body & health. Carrying a GPS tracker in the bag or any personal belongings for external use only is better.

A personal GPS tracker is a gadget that tracks physical movement and body health index with online access. You can monitor the location of your belongings, such as kids, older persons, pets, and human resources.