Bike Tracker Price

Bike Tracker Price

At a very affordable Bike Tracker price in Pakistan, we protect your expensive rides. Get the best GPS bike tracker device and track live view, street or complete map, parking area, driver behavior, and engine on/off with 24/7 service. Based on your interest and requirements, we help you to get additional tracking features.

A bike tracker is the best way to secure your bike from theft or misuse with online GPS location monitoring. Bike tracking helps you keep in touch with your motorbike from anywhere or anytime. Check the surrounding position of your bike and its assets like battery supply and engine control through a mobile app, web portal, calls, and SMS.

Buy the one-time package and get relief for one year of free service.

Why Choose Us ?

Elevate your vehicle tracking experience with MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED – your trusted partner for advanced GPS solutions. Our commitment to technological excellence, comprehensive security features, and user-friendly App makes us the preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike.

Choose MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED for a reliable and secure vehicle tracking experience that goes beyond expectations.

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  • Live Bike Tracking with 24/7 support.
  • Accurate Location Tracking.
  • Engine Running and Overspeed Alert.
  • Trips & Covered Distance Reports.
  • Bike Start and Exit Area Alerts.
  • Motorcycle Summary Report.
  • Android and iOS Apps.
  • SMS & Call Alerts.
  • 24/7 call center support.
  • Web Portal Access.

Why You Need Personal Motorcycle Tracking Service?

You need a personal motorcycle tracking service for your Heavy Bikes or Luxury Branded Motorbikes to monitor their GPS positioning. You take several steps to safely park your expensive bikes, such as wire locking, Anti-theft wheel tire clamp lock, Clutch safety lock, and many more. But a GPS tracker is something special that works secretly inside any part of the bike to share its location.

In the crowded cities of Pakistan, including Lahore, where the risk of motorbike theft is a genuine concern, having a reliable Motorbike tracker in Lahore becomes a necessity. Our cutting-edge tracking solutions extend across various cities, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your prized possession. Stay ahead of potential risks and safeguard your vehicle with the most used motorbike tracker in Pakistan cities with our outstanding services, tailored to meet the unique challenges of urban environments in Pakistan.


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With the MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED App and a GPS device installed on the motorcycle, you can easily track your bike. With MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED tracking service, you can monitor the location of your bike through SMS alerts, App notifications, or portal login access. 

You buy the package once that starts with real discounts and minor renewal service charges. The total for a bike tracker includes a call service & packages and technician charges in the same plan.

You can put a GPS tracker anywhere on the bike based on your preference. The device utilizes its internal battery power when keeping it isolated and uses a power supply from the bike battery through a connection.

Mux Tech offers the best bike trackers with expert technicians and call services in an affordable price range. High-tech solutions deliver the best device with advanced structure, durability, and performance.