Fuel Monitoring System

Keep track of your fuel consumption with a reliable fuel monitoring system in Pakistan. Our fuel monitoring device provide accurate measurements to help you save money and improve efficiency.

Our Fuel Tracking System

The fuel monitoring system enables users to check the oil level in a vehicle’s tank or container through fuel sensors installed with GPS Vehicle Tracking Device via SMS, Online portal, and Mobile app. Fuel usage is the actual cost of the transportation system, so feel relaxed about oil theft and misuse.

Fuel theft and oil leakage are no more your headaches; our fuel management system software provides alerts about the oil tank level or container. Fuel sensors monitor the exact level of oil in the tank and deliver notifications when the oil level decreases or increases. Our service is very affordable than the actual cost of fuel theft or leakage

You can easily manage multiple vehicles in a fleet by checking the fuel requirements and consumption through the MUX TECH (PRIVATE) LIMITED software system. You don’t need to deeply check the fuel quantity at the petrol pump station by opening the tank lid or asking rental drivers. Don’t wait anymore; contact us and save fuel.


  • Get digital self-diagnostics identification to monitor the total fuel capacity in the tank.
  • Check fuel history daily or monthly basis to estimate real fuel cost with actual petrol price.
  • Get alerted when someone tries to open the tank’s cap or extracts oil, such as diesel tank or liquid chemicals
  • Monitor the temperature level of the fuel tank when the vehicle moves in hot tropical or cold areas through temperature sensors.
  • Track crude or refined oil reserves and big fuel containers in case of oil leakage or theft.
  • Easily manage rental vehicles and transportation expenses with real-time supervision.
  • Monitor vehicle efficiency and total fuel consumption through mileage reports.
  • Customizable reports enable you to get specific data related to our fuel software.
  • Get highly scalable solutions to manage the petrol supply chain and pump stations.
  • Get access from anywhere through a PC or App with complete fuel parameters updates.
  • With this technology, you timely know the fuel-filling requirements.
Fuel Monitoring System Pakistan


The fuel monitoring system works through the changing factors in variable resistors and built-in sensors to track fuel inventories It shares reports and other indexes after tracking fuel status.

A fuel monitoring device has a GPS sensor system that takes information from oil tanks or containers and processes signals. The device delivers real-time updates to the user after generating satellite navigation signals.

A fuel monitoring system helps you to check the total oil capacity, quantity, and fuel usage with live updates. It is an ideal solution to save fuel from theft and leakage through GPS sensors.